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PGC3 makeup remover formula trial report

PGC3 卸妝配方試用報告

In July last year, factiv recruited 90 trial participants to participate in the formulation of improved makeup remover products (PGC3). Our test results will bring significant contributions and changes to future makeup remover products.

The trial of PGC3 ended successfully in September. In order to thank every participant who completed the entire trial, you will be given one when the product is released^^ The following is a short report of the trial results^^




- More than 90% of people are satisfied with the effect of removing makeup. Only 85% of people were satisfied with the effect of removing eye makeup. 74.4% of testers believe that when using PGC3, only 1-3 cotton pads can be used to completely remove makeup (base makeup and sunscreen).


- More than 90% of testers are satisfied with the freshness of PGC3, and 30% of testers think it can enhance moisturizing.


- Due to the inherent smell of the ingredients, many people think that the smell smells like "almond cream" or "cherry syrup" and "cannot cater to the public's taste". 27.8% of testers were not satisfied with the smell of the product.


Overall opinion (positive):

  • Very refreshing and does not make the face feel tight
  • Used with CAT1 facial cleanser, my facial skin feels smoother.
  • It's gentle so it won't irritate your eyes even if it accidentally gets in your eyes.
  • Very good anti-allergy effect
  • Friendly for removing light makeup


Overall opinion (negative):

  • Improve smell
  • The amount of heavy makeup is too much to remove the waterproof makeup.


Formulators will make improvements in two aspects:

  • 1. Increased cleansing power makes it easier to dissolve difficult-to-remove cosmetics on the face, reducing the amount used each time without making the face tight.
  • 2. The formula ratio will be adjusted according to the smell, but it will not affect its makeup removal effect.


The formulator is already improving the formula of PGC3 and hopes to launch it in April this year, so stay tuned~