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What does face washing actually wash away from the skin? Understand the importance of cleansing!


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's pure. There are many invisible things on the skin that need to be washed away. If you neglect facial cleansing, it may cause many skin problems!


Top 5 things on your skin that need to be washed away


1. Dirt on skin surface

Pollutants present in the air will adhere to the skin. Long-term accumulation on the skin will make the skin dull and easily cause skin sensitivity . If not cleaned, it will clog pores and form blackheads .

2. Excessive grease

3. Aging cutin

4. Sweat

Sweat remaining on the skin surface for a long time will increase the chance of skin sensitivity , or aggravate eczema and contact dermatitis .

5. Bacteria on the skin

The skin surface is covered with different bacteria, including many irritating/pathogenic bacteria. P. acnes is one of the bacteria most likely to cause acne on the skin .

Choose a mild cleanser to simply clean your face, maintain good personal hygiene, keep your face clean, avoid bacterial accumulation, and reduce the chance of inflammation .

What skin problems can result from insufficient cleansing?

1. Dull skin color

Dust pollutants will adhere to the skin and mix with oil to form dirt . After oxidation and deterioration in the air , the skin color will become dull and lose its original luster.

2. Rough skin

Excessive aging keratin (dead skin) accumulates on the surface of the skin, resulting in uneven thickness of the keratin and a rough texture.

3. Large pores

When the face produces too much oil without proper cleansing, it will easily clog the pores and gradually enlarge the pores.

4. Acne inflammation

Aged cuticles and excess oil create a good breeding environment for acne bacteria, which can easily lead to the formation of acne.

People who have makeup habits, have strong oil secretion, and work outdoors for long periods of time should pay more attention to skin cleansing to maintain skin health.
Properly cleansing the skin can lay the foundation for subsequent skin care steps and achieve better skin care effects .

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