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100% Natural, Chemical-Free Ingredient List Revealed

100% 純天然不含化學成分列表大公開

[100% Natural and Chemical-Free Ingredient List Disclosed]

"Chemical-free" products claim to make you feel safe, but in fact, "chemicals" are always with us and are everywhere.


In fact, all the fear stems from the widespread derogation of the word "chemical substances" by some businesses and associating it with negative connotations. Subtly, the public directly opposes "natural" and "chemical substances".


In fact, things in nature are also made up of chemicals. The term "chemical substance" is inherently neutral and should not have positive or negative connotations, nor is it necessarily related to sensitization or skin irritation.


Ingredients are divided into "naturally occurring in nature" and "synthetic". However, natural ≠ safer, synthetic ≠ more harmful. For example, some of the aldehyde/alcohol fragrance ingredients naturally found in plant essential oils are being classified as contact allergens that often cause skin sensitivity. On the other hand, synthetic Dimethicone is said to be hypoallergenic (Hypoallergenic) by different literatures.


The key to judging the quality of a product's formula ingredients is not that the brand claims to be "natural" or "chemical", but that we should take the initiative to understand the efficacy and safety of each ingredient, and conduct sensitivity testing before use to ensure that all ingredients are good or bad. Choose products that are safe and suitable for you.

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